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IBP SEO software or iBusiness Promoter has a remarkable reputation for SEO software and it is one of the few tools that offer a bold guarantee. IBP not only offers a money-back guarantee, but it is the only product that guarantees its clients to get their site listed in the top 10 in Google or just get their money back! And, its success rate is, surprisingly, more than 98%! IBP SEO software has a striking list of customers under its belt including giants like Lexmark, eBay, Seimens, Canon and Network Solutions.

Prominent Features of iBusiness Promoter (IBP SEO software)

There are four unique features of the iBusiness Promoter software:

iBusiness Promoter Review About Link Building & Management

Link Building & Management is a robust capability for iBusiness Promoter. The IBP SEO Tool returns good and current matches when potential linking partners are identified. This was clearly one of the two categories wherein IBP SEO software got a perfect store; they provide excellent features including email templates, link exchange locator, active link verification, link analysis, back link checker, and customized reports. One feature of iBusiness Promoter that is really admired is the ease of social bookmark submission. Clients can choose the “Social Bookmarks” category as well as a social bookmark site. The tool then automatically fills the form for that website. Those who have had experience in submitting their site to bookmarking sites can understand the value of this tool; this automated program saves a considerable amount of not only time but frustration as well!

iBusiness Promoter Review About Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is easily another strong category for iBusiness Promoter. IBP meets almost all the criteria sought out by SEO experts including competitor keyword analysis, website analysis, ranking reporting and ranking comparison. However, customized ranking reports are not available.

iBusiness Promoter Review About Keyword Research & Analysis

iBusiness Promoter offers a range of features such as keyword suggestions, keyword density analysis, keyword search statistics, keyword effectiveness index, unlimited keywords, unlimited URLs, Google AdWords features, local search tags and lots more.

IBP's keyword tool utilizes KeywordIndex.com; this is owned by Axandra, IBP's parent company. KeywordIndex.com offers 38 million unique English keywords plus 20 million unique German keywords! The keyword tool of iBusinessPromoter also supports 11 other languages. Moreover, it can access keyword suggestions of Amazon, Google, and YouTube. Aren't these excellent attributes? The IBP SEO Tool also offers intelligence for Google AdWords. When users create a list of keywords for Google AdWords ads, iBusinessPromoter automatically calculates the keywords‚ ad group focus score. The score then allows users to know if their keywords will be really effective, save time and money and enhance the overall PPC results. In fact, the keyword research capabilities of iBusiness Promoter are very strong.

iBusiness Promoter Review About Refined and Current Performance Reporting

Coming to performance reporting analysis, iBusiness Promoter offers reports with graphs and charts, ROI calculator, ranking checker, visitor analysis, traffic statistics, performance trends and automated reports. However, the tool doesn't feature alert reporting, index checker, and report export.

The reporting data provided by iBusinessPromoter is sophisticated, current and extremely regarded within the industry. Besides, the visual performance depictions are truly outstanding, indeed the best of its kind.

IBP SEO Tool Review

Technical support is one place where iBusinessPromoter falls behind. Though the makers are committed towards responding to all the email messages that are submitted via their site within 24 hours, they do not provide any phone support. Additionally, the ranking checker is limited to just one search engine.

IBP 11

iBusiness Promoter Review by Experts

According to SEO experts, a business owner who wishes to rank high in the leading search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo cannot ignore IBP- iBusiness Promoter. With many useful features, the IBP has won a number of awards and accolades. IBP is the single SEO software that guarantees you top 10 rankings on Google - or money back! The software comes with an array of in-built tools.

iBusiness Promoter Review About Tools List

  •     • Keyword Research tool
  •     • Link Building Tool
  •     • Web Page Optimization Tool
  •     • Ranking Checker
  •     • Search Engine Submission Tool
  •     • Competitor Spy

Additional Tools - IBP offers a set of extra HTML tools help you enhance your web pages so that the pages get a better position in the result pages of search engines. These tools include:

  •     • Static WebPage Editor
  •     • Broken Link Checker
  •     • Search Engine Spider Simulator
  •     • HTML validation
  •     • Manual Web Search
  •     • ROI Calculator
  •     • Keyword Density Analyzer
  •     • Search Engine Optimization Tips

iBusiness Promoter Review PROS

The software possesses extraordinary link building capability. It offers quite a few features such as analysis of reports link customization, verification of active links, and so on. Besides, the tool helps you obtain the best quality links so that your website generates more visitors.

You can optimize the keywords. Besides, you can also be aware of the right keyword density in the titles and content as well as how to position them in the content. This aspect will allow you to maintain tabs on the data for you to optimize it further. IBP helps you get quality keywords; in other words, you get high ranking without much waste of time.

IBP helps you keep track of the traffic generated. The tool lets you to keep track on a few key issues such as traffic driven to your site, the impact of your keywords, and progress of your competitors.

Social bookmark submission is IBP's autonomous feature. Users can select a social bookmarks category for their website. They can then choose bookmarking sites to submit their website.

Analysis of competitor keywords and site is effective. The iBusiness Promoter helps you keep track on the key issues like analysis of competitors' websites, reports meant for website ranking, keywords, and the like.

iBusiness Promoter Review CONS

Coming to cons, experts feel that the submission tool is not very efficient. Moreover, a few customers are not very satisfied with the technical support offered by IBP.

The price of this software may seem to be a bit higher; however, it is as good as or even better than much of the competition. Moreover, if you are concerned about how much of sales you are losing as you were not ranked higher in search engines; certainly it is worth giving it a try. There is a free trial available and trying it will definitely help you learn a little about SEO. On the whole, the iBusiness Promoter is a perfect tool to generate more traffic and convert visitors to customers. It is a must buy for those looking for success in SEO business.

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